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Tranent - 29th of March 2014

This is an annual race held in Tranent on the out-skirts of Edinburgh. The race is open to everyone: with the pool (750m) swim and facilities available it is an ideal event for beginners, whilst the fast course makes it the perfect start-of-season event for experienced triathletes. The race takes place in Tranent, East Lothian. The route will follow the same course as 2012. The 750m pool-based swim is followed by a 20km (ish) bike around the East Lothian countryside. The run takes place in the town of Tranent and follows a two-lap format.


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Race Distances and route maps

This is a sprint distance race with a slightly short cycle route... Swim 750m (Pool swim in the Loch Centre, Tranent), Bike 18.3 km, Run 5 km.

Cycle Route

Run Route


 Note that two loops of the run should be completed before transition 2 at the loch centre.




Results and Photos

Photos from 2012

Photos from 2014:

Results 2014:

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