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We have been an established club for about 10 years with about 75 members, and we cater to all abilities – people like myself who haven’t had any previous athletic experience before, whilst there are three people in our club who have won national championships and competed in Ironman tournaments! So in short, no matter what background you come from we can accommodate you: the first semester is spent getting folk up to a decent level of fitness on the bike, running and swimming, and then we step things up in semester 2.

The Duurrrrtty Triathlon

By Sarah Caraher

They call it the Long Hard Durty Triathlon because it is long, it is hard and it is very very DURRRRRTY. As Jim and I arrived at St. Mary’s Loch ready to grip it and rip it in our first standard length triathlons no amount of wondering really prepared us for the extra joys that this off road *which really means uphill* race would bring. With a bit of off roading  experience under our belts we weren’t completely naïve to the perils of mud and rocks … but this race had bog too with sections of the cycle were paddling was more of an option then pedalling.

We started off under the thick cloud that sat low on the borders’ rolling hills, into the murky bog stained loch for a chance to acclimatise, before lining up at the buoy for take off. The start was surprisingly civilised with the all the speedies moving to the front whilst the main group stayed intact for the initial 200m strait up to the second buoy. Rounding this first corner in the midst of a group, while willing the blood to pump beyond my core in order to make the swim slightly more enjoyable, was not an elegant procedure. Many near encounters with various neoprene clad body parts ensued throughout the remainder of the swim until my nearest competitor broke past me on the last leg only to wallop me on the face in passing! Learning to breath from both sides would be advantageous in preventing such incidents in the future.

Hawick Triathlon

by Angus Killean

“Harder than a marathon”, “The toughest thing I’ve ever done”, “Geographically impossible” – these are just some of the phrases used by Chris Skakel to describe the gruelling Hawick Triathlon.

On 5th July three worthy triathletes by the names of Sarah, Victoria and Chris joined me in my hometown of Hawick to compete in its instalment of the Borders Triathlon Series, with regular Eutri affiliate Jenny Allen providing the support. It was a day that would see bouts of glorious sunshine punctuated by intermittent downpours of rain. Nonetheless there was an impressive turnout for both the sprint distance and ‘come and tri’ race – made up of a field of unsettlingly fit 8 – 12 year olds.

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