race report by Meagan McGinley

Do or do not,” the great Yoda instructed, “there is no try.

While I generally concede to Master Yoda’s beneficent wisdom on the rare occasion that our training philosophies suffer discord, a tangible anticipation percolated amongst the thirty-six combatants that journeyed to Aberdeen this past weekend that subscribed an attitude venturing beyond mere telekinetics and saber-play. The mechanical munching of carbohydrates; the sudden epidemic of shrinking bladders; the explosion of butterflies clawing desperately at stomach linings; and Chris’s, “Well, we can always just go to lunch and get our fancy dress on,” when the bus broke down in Dundee all belied our united outlook toward the 400m swim / 5k run task at hand: Do, or die tri-ing. (Or aquathloning, as the case may be.)

Tri-Centre Discount night

 This Friday, the 23rd will see the Tri-Centre holding their discount night for Edinburgh's triathlete's. It's a great chance to see their new shop and get some beer and munch - Map Here.

There is always some bargains to be had, and a get place to grab the winter wollies.

Stirling Duathlon

By Chris Skakel

Easy like Sunday morning” is a phrase readily banded about nowadays. I bet old Lionel didn’t have getting up at 6am on a cold Sunday morning in mind when he dreamed that one up! But for some reason that tune wouldn’t get out my head as I headed up the M9 for the Stirling sprint and standard Duathlon Championships. Brian, Vicky, Steve and myself all rendez-vous’d before the race with the general consensus of “why the hell did we sign up for this?!” This was not a race which any of us had actually trained for, but rather one which I’d entered in a fit of keen-ness in April along the lines of “If I enter the race I’ll actually train hard over the summer”. I did not. But in spite of this a class day was had by all....

'Ween in the 'Deen

The Big A

As many of you know our first race and social trip away is fast approaching! This is the Kings Aquathlon in Aberdeen on Sat 31st of October. We will be leaving bright and early on Saturday morning, returning Sunday afternoon and *fancy dress is compulsory* for the social!! (what you wear for the race is optional!).The theme description can be found below...

The cost of this trip, kindly subsidised by the club and Citi, is a mere £27.50 race fee, transport and accommodation ala SYHA Hostel included. If you are coming but not staying in the hostel i.e at home or with friends please let us know!

Swimming Lane allocations

Please find below the suggested swimming lane alloctions for Tuesday and Saturday swims.

Any questions, get in touch with Lisa.


Welcome to the web page of Edinburgh University Triathlon Club (EuTri)

If you're thinking of joining the club please have a look at our training schedule, get in touch with the President, Chris triathlon@ed.ac.uk and he will be able answer any questions and put you in touch with our secretary Kim.

Pub Golf

Yes, the annual Demoulin Pub Golf returns, keep Friday the 2nd of October free.

USGA appointed referee for the evening is Mr. Rhu white and he will be over seeing any infringements. A few words from the match official below.

"Rules of Pub Golf are simples. Dress in golfing attire. Find a partner to judge and calculate your stroke. Mark your names on the scorecard and get your drinks in!

All participants must slurp there brew infront of their partner in order for a clean score to be taken, and partners must take down the score, including penalties for misconduct

Citi's upcoming events

Monday 5th October - Citi Technology Presentation
With so much growth ahead in banking, now is better than anytime in the last ten to fifteen years to join the industry - especially Citi. The financial services industry has gone through a significant period of change in the past year. Now, more than ever, the importance of having good information readily available at any time is crucial. The Technology division plays a key role in this and is a key driver in our future success.

World Age Group Championships

by The Dale

Every triathlete dreams of a place where it’s sunny and hot every day, the sea is warm enough to discard the wetsuit, there are 50m training pools in every direction, and you don’t get funny looks when you wear lycra.  That place is known as the Gold Coast, Australia.  This was the location for this year’s triathlon world championships from 8th-13th September and I was lucky enough to qualify, albeit in the slightly less prestigious location of a soaking wet Strathclyde Park Triathlon.

Aberfeldy Middle Distance

report by the Katia

Six EUTRIs set off  to do Aberfeldy: there was Brian who was set to tackle this long distance for the fist time aiming for sub 5h30, Craig going for the win, Lisa, Florine and Alice, who entered as a team and me who...well...donno what I was thinking!

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10% off Tri Centre – except on bikes and wetsuits 

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