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East Fife Triathlon

By EuTri - Posted on 26 May 2013


After the ongoing Winter had wiped out Tranent and many of the early season races, the East Fife Sprint Triathlon at Cupar was one of the first of the season anywhere in Scotland. A combination of illness and injury decimated the EUTRI forces, leaving only a core contingent of Ben, Akib and me to represent Edinburgh at the Universities championship. Although Scottish spring had mercifully arrived in terms of temperatures in double figures, the wind was so great at Appleton tower we struggled to load the bikes properly, not ideal cycling conditions.

It was a truly miserable morning, and we hunkered inside the building for warmth, before braving the rain to judge how muddy the run course was. Although my bright yellow trainers were less than a week old, I decided it was worth getting them a little dirty rather than wearing fell running shoes on tarmac.

Although the event was very behind time, soon enough the heats came round and I was racing before I knew it. Despite shivering as I passed the door on the way to the swim, as I entered transition I was pleasantly surprised to find the sun shining. A reward for being overly ‘optimistic’ about my swim time.

Trying a proper ‘clipped in’ transition for the first time, I neglected all other aspects of transition, not putting on my helmet in time and completely forgetting my race belt. Although my official transition time was amongst the fastest in the field, I was passed by three cyclists as I got my feet into my shoes, perhaps not worth it in the end.

In the midday Sun the cycle was mostly very pleasant. Most of the route was on quiet country lanes, with the exception of one lone section straight into the God Awful headwind. This was immediately followed by a steep hill, but at least you could ride the wind back into town.

The second transition was even more embarrassing than the first, with my shoe hitting the ground 50m before the mount line and having to be picked up by a helpful child. At least the run course was enjoyable, generally on quiet country trails. Ben had earlier pushed the importance of running a ‘negative split’ so I pushed on in the latter half of the run, and this was definitely the best part of my race.

Although the morning rain had threatened making the race a miserable experience, conditions for the race, all be it a bit windy, were near perfect (for me at least, I know Akib hit a bit of rain). A really enjoyable early season race, and certainly one to challenge if the ‘Elite Squad’ takes off next year.



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