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Aberdeen Aquathlon n Zombiez nite out

By EuTri - Posted on 21 December 2013

Last year’s Aberdeen Aquathlon was my introduction to the competitive side of EUTri and my first multi-sport race.  It felt great to be travelling back without the newbie nerves and with a simple aims - to beat last year’s run time and to enjoy a weekend of EUTri socialising.

The event is beginner friendly, the distances are unintimidating - a 400m swim followed by a 5km run, and generally the whole day isn’t taken too seriously. With EUTri dominating competitor entries, it is the perfect introductory event for our newest members, many of whom competed for their first time. If any of their experiences reflected mine last year, they surely will have caught the triathlon bug too. 

The coach arrived in Aberdeen early, but promptness is unusual with races, so as could be expected the swim heats were running behind time. I used my two hour wait productively to maintain energy supplies, talc the trainers, get overly nervous and finally make my decision to the all-important question; “Socks or no socks?”

With my kit ready in the transition area, I proceeded to line up with my fellow competitors at the side of the pool. I admit to feeling slightly dwarfed against the 6ft statures that made up the majority of the heat, but comforted that I wasn’t the only one slightly intimidated when a few others voiced my thoughts.

By my 21st length of the 18ft pool, I was sure that everyone else had left long ago, so I was surprised when I entered transition at the same time as Dan Doherty – 6:30. With my socks left on my towel, talc covered toes settled into my trainers as I unsteadily coursed the perimeter of the muddy playing field, determined to keep pace. I wished had opted for a race belt and left my t-shirt behind too as in the hurry for a quick change I ripped my race number off the safety pin. The paper acted as a flag in front of me as it continued to catch the wind, which by now had really begun to howl.

By about 3km into the run, on the second lap of the University campus, Dan and I had caught up with Heriot Watt competitor, Daniel McFeely. For the remaining one and a half laps we ran as a three, pushing through the gusts of wind and heavy rain and each determined not to fall behind. On the final cobbled stretch, Daniel and Dan pulled away to finish at exactly the same time in 28:42. I followed shortly with a time of 28:44, which put me in second position for the women.

EUTri results dominated the Aquathlon with an overall high level of performance from everyone and some podium winning times. Sam Woods took in first place for the men, beating last year’s winner David Smith with a fantastic time of 22:38. Alice Jenkins, after finishing in second place last year, returned to take victory for the women in just 27:01.

In our own prize giving ceremonies, Akib was awarded fastest male ‘oldie’ and Robyn fastest female ‘oldie’. Newcomers; Justine McMillan and Scott Gibson were the fastest male and female Eutri representatives who didn’t make the podium. Although I think it’s worth a mention that the rather ambiguous timing of Justine’s run split may mean that she should have been placed higher than 4th.

So with the racing done, the biggest feat of the weekend was surely the EUTtri night out in Aberdeen. ‘Deaded up’  in our Zombie attire, the competitions continued with a few extra ‘races’ organised by Aberdeen’s social representatives.  We pushed through the aches and pains, with an epic cool down routine on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning.










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